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Listed below are the True Bruin Traditions. In order to verify your completion of each tradition, you will need to show some sort of proof of completion (i.e. a picture, a ticket stub, etc.) so be sure to document each activity. You can download the free True Bruin Traditions Keeper app from the Apple App Store to help keep track of your progress (currently, the app is only available for Apple products).

Keeper of the Day and Night Free Download

The staff of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse consisted of a Principal Keeper and two Assistant Keepers. The keepers did not live in the lighthouse but, when they were on duty, they would be found in the watch room at the top of the tower. Originally, the US Lighthouse Board provided housing, staple foods, medicine, and an annual salary up to $800. After the 1880s, keepers wore dark blue wool dress uniforms.They worked at the lighthouse performing maintenance, repair, and administrative duties. Each keeper was required to stand a four-hour watch during the night. The time of these watches alternated daily from keeper to keeper. On one day, the Principal Keeper may take the 8 pm to midnight watch, the 1st Assistant Keeper would take the midnight to 4 am watch, and the 2nd Assistant Keeper would take the 4 to 8 am watch. The following night the Principal Keeper would take the midnight to 4 am watch, and so forth. The keeper on watch at the end of the night would be responsible for all morning maintenance of the lamp and lens to prepare them for the upcoming night.The keepers' duties included:- Hand-carrying fuel up to the lantern room;- Fueling the lamp;- Trimming the wicks (later, replacing the mantles and pumping up the oil vaporizer);- Regularly cleaning and polishing the glass chimney, lenses, and windows;- Polishing brass fittings and tools;- Cranking up the weight, latching it, and letting it free when they lit the lamp at night;- Lighting and extinguishing the lamp;- Closing lantern room curtains by day to prevent sun damage of the lens glass;- Cleaning and lubricating the clockwork;- Painting the structure;- Routine maintenance and repairs of all buildings;- Greeting and lodging visitors and inspectors;- Writing reports, keeping records, and ordering supplies; and- Monitoring the light and nearby shipping at night.

Night Zookeeper is an online learning program with fun challenges, games, nighttime spelling, and learning for grammar lessons online, language arts curriculum, and writing exercises. Kids log into their Night Zoo Keeper account, create their own avatar, and then complete games, lessons, book reports, and challenges that are assessed and feedback is provided.

There is a Night Zookeeper free trial for 7 days. You can try out the learning game site and see if your kids like the lessons, games, and challenges (they will!) before you sign up for the full Night Zookeeper game subscription. Night Zookeeper is an affordable homeschool curriculum program or learning at home course.

The gamification, fantastical world, and individual feedback make this a great platform for reluctant writers who need some extra inspiration. For students who love writing, Night Zookeeper could be a way for educators to target assignments around narrative elements or parts of speech before turning students loose to write more freely. There are also parent subscriptions available, which teachers could introduce as an option for parents who are looking to pay for a writing tutor. 041b061a72


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