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7 Days To Die 9mm Ammo

Explosives are neat, but I currently only have 1 in agility, so my bow skills are at 0. If you are crafting rocket launcher ammo, then you are a madman, they cost like a bazillion in fuel and gunpowder. But again, explosive arrows cost like 25 gunpowder and ductape? Ductape is the new gold bar in the apocalypse, used in nearly everything and cost 5 to 7 bones per glue bottle. I run out of ductape more often than not.

7 Days To Die 9mm Ammo

Then again, whichever way they point, if you have 8 turrets positioned to fire constantly for 8 game hours, you're going to get limited by ammo. You don't really Need them, not that many at least, so IMO, it's a matter of playstyle choice.

I now only have 4 turrets, one SMG turret pointing NSEW along each wall, from the corner, covering all sides of my base. I removed the 4 others (to save ammo). If I had unlimited free ammo, then hells yeah I would have ALL OF THEM! but then I'd need 10 in INT for the XP. Currently at 6 (with Nerdy glasses)

Why don't you post your base OP so we can see it well. Sitting in 200+ game stage in a forgotten save game with no turrets whatsoever. Turrets kinda suck in general, they require too many bullets to work. I'd personally love to see stacks of 1000's shotguns and 9mm ammo to make them useful compared to a series of blade traps .

Point I was making is that it's WAY cheaper and easier to make explosives than it is to make that much ammo. We had to wrench a ton of beds which meant tier 5 apartment building over and over for springs, but once you get that down pat, it's not too bad.

With 7.62 being the staple of my ammo, if I am very lucky I can find 200 each of plain, hollow point and armor piercing at each of the traders. With 8 traders (my current map) that gives me 1800 rounds, not even close to enough for a blood moon horde (My traders also reset once per bloodmoon). I nearly never find any HP and AP in loot, and I spend around 70% of what I find looting during the week. So I take the rest home - and that is probably around 10-20 rounds of each type per day out looting.

You might call me super in-efficient with ammo. I definitely have some moments of wild shooting where half the rounds go off into the air and very few land head-shots. (I play Run-and-gun, and my base is more accurately described as an arena where I survice by running around and gunning them down).

So how do you manage to get by on only the ammo you find in loot and from traders, and without crafting? Perhaps I need to work on my efficiency but even if I half my spent, which I can't really imagine, I still wont get enough from traders and looting alone.

By day 50 we had almost 15k unused 9mm ammo, since none of us used SMG. Mind that only 1 of us used AK, we used autisniper + shotguns / (auto)sniper + revolver / ak / and last gal was using bows + melee

Well I only play vanilla during experimental, and since A17 overhauls start releasing in about 2 weeks. Vanilla is just to easy and boring after week of experimental dropping. So think there is more ammo in mods, especially lootable store shelves modlet I use.

I main the baseball bat in A18 and ideally clear POIs without firing a shot. I perked heavily into looting find tons of ammo everywhere. Early game I have a hunting rifle for birds, dogs, big enemies and keep an AK for when I'm absolutely surrounded. Once I get a marksman rifle I put an extended magazine on it and ditch the AK as it becomes redundant.Horde nights I hide on the side of a tall POI and focus on head shots with long rifles so I don't go through much ammo at all. Maybe 500-600 rounds max. A teammate likes having an SMG turret going all night so he crafts tons of ammo for it on top of what I already bring back to share. He probably shoots 5k or more brass every horde night, not counting junk turret ammo. It destroys all the weaker enemies while I focus fire on the big guys. Another teammate uses the shotgun and .44 mainly because we find so much ammo for both during the week that nobody else uses, so it all works out.If I'm a little short on ammo before a horde night I just buy 7.62 ammo from traders. I always sell loot so I'm drowning in Dukes anyway. But if I'm playing SP I bring different weapons to use the random ammo types I find during the week.

How do we manage? We adjusted the XML's. We hate grinding for ammo. We bumped up the treasure maps to give crazy amounts of ammo, and bumped up how much is sold in traders of standard ammo as well as upping the loot count a bit. We do have it balanced to the extra zombies we added. On our map, if you go out looting, you're relatively guaranteed to get a bit more ammo than you left with. If you go looting six days in a row, you're pretty much guaranteed to have enough ammo for bloodmoon without having to grind. Mind you, if you want the AP or HP ammo types, you're going to have to craft or spend some dukes.

Playing single-player, I start out each horde night using up any explosives and molotovs I have (I like to wrench cars and craft molotovs early on), and then switch to using whatever 7.62s I have looted once those run out. Then I switch to pistol or SMG until the end of the horde. At the point where I switch to 7.62s, I also down any recog I have looted, which makes me one-shot most zombies while it lasts, so it takes less bullets per kill. I buy 9 mm ammo whenever the traders have it, and I also buy any bullet casings, bullet tips, and gunpowder they have, and I use that stuff to craft additional 9 mm ammo. I try to use ammo sparingly, going for headshots when I can. I haven't run out of bullets yet. If my ammo supplies start getting low, I like to raid places that have lots of coffins (big church, graveyards, funeral homes, etc.). I usually end up leaving those places with way more ammo than I arrived with.

I main knife and pistol for looting, machine gun/ak for horde night. on day 50 ish, I have about 2k 9mm and 1k (spent 1k already on horde nights) 7.62 I remember things wrong, I bring 1-2k of each ammo types, got about 6-7k ammo each type from lootings. All from looting, if you don't daka daka spam, you should have no issue with ammo, hs do wonders (setup electric fence or barbwire to slow them down for hs). Traps on horde night also help with ammo consumption, once you get a tree farm up, it free wood spikes. I do craft AP ammo but I haven't use them much...yet.

On my current playthrough (map name Umbral Instability), i'm doing a str/fort build using the sledge. I keep an AK on my toolbar, and with just 1 point into LL, i find a decent amount of ammo. I typically don't buy ammo from the trader, and there's enough nodes in almost any game i've played where making ammo later on won't be a problem. Might come down to some RNG, but i've never really felt like i was at a disadvantage simply by searching for it in containers. Animals, or even wights, i'll shoot. Most other things get the hammer (unless i'm being lazy and just gun them down lol)

Looking over the discussion here I find myself wondering how many that are having bad ammo loot rng haven't gotten Lucky Looter vol 2 (either through looting or purchasing) and how many of those who are having decent - good ammo loot rng have. The Lucky Looter and Wasteland Treasures Perk mags do have an effect in what you find/salvage.

I use melee (sledge or club, I also spec in shotguns), and bows/crossbows for most things like poi clearing, only pulling out a gun if there is a massive amount of runners in the room, or its horde night. Compound crossbow with some archery+stealth perks and a bandolier mod is a vastly underrated tool of zombie death. It reloads in less than a second with decent archery+the bandolier mod, and hits hard enough and quiet enough you can one shot male feral zombies and greatly hurt radiated ones on a sneak headshot. Once you get some of the books its better, there is one book where if you shoot one in the leg it cripples it for a long time, got a runner on your @%$*#! or several? Shoot them in the leg and reduce them to walking speed. Nice thing about bow/crossbow is you can often get the ammo back, and it looks cool looking at the arrows sticking out of the body so you can admire your handiwork/aim.

By the time horde night hits I usually have several stacks of 9mm and 7.62mm ammo from looting, so I don't really need to craft any, but that doesn't mean I don't. I'd rather have too much ammo than not enough ammo.

The Tactical Assault Rifle comes standard with a 3-shot burst; though, it can also be fired as a semiautomatic by tapping the button. The 3-shot burst usually does enough damage to kill lesser zombies without the need for a headshot. There is a full-auto mod, but this mod is not good for ammo conservation. Investing in the Machine Gunner skill can make this weapon incredibly efficient (and fun).

The SMG-5 is an excellent automatic weapon that can be a valuable tool to have around. It uses 9mm ammo and can fire 480 rounds per minute. This makes it ideal for eliminating several pesky zombies at once.

This is by far one of my favorite weapons in the game. The robotic turret can fire off 75+ rounds per minute depending on ammo type and can also be set to sentry mode so you can focus on other things.

The game 7 Days To Die is a popular, and oddly specific survival game that was released for PCs and consoles back in 2015. The game is known for its bugs, crashing, and bugs. I am particularly fond of the glitchy arrow keys in the game, which cause further problems when used with certain ammo.


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