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How can these various interpretations be validated? Rosenberg refers to Paul Ricoeur's notion that "social events" can be read as texts. The word "code" in the title of the book implies that the various chapters are to be devoted to readings of the widely various items. A proposal to bring the arcane methods of hermeneutics to bear on Western history is welcome because it promises fresh insights in a Held badly in need of new perspectives. But Rosenberg does not follow out this possibility. His "readings" yield rather commonplace results, and the interpretations do not add up to a coherent "code." For example, he does not seem aware of the potential contradiction between the theory of structuralism underlying the effort to trace persistent motives in literary and historical analogues, and the anti-referential tendency in contemporary French criticism-or between the implication of universality in the search for analogues and the identification of specifically American cultural traits in the materials discussed.

Search results for: Arcane Odyssey




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