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Maestro : Season 1 Episode 1

Click below to watch Baltimore Choral Arts' first episode of our new digital mini-series Music with the Maestro! Every Thursday night at 5 pm EST, join us on Facebook Live where we'll be hosting small chamber performances featuring singers of Baltimore Choral Arts.

Maestro : Season 1 Episode 1

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This episode features our Music Director Anthony Blake Clark, introducing the series and discussing great choral works. What a beautiful way to bring people together through the power of music and the internet!

"Runaways" was The Strain's best episode yet, because it finally raised the stakes (no pun intended) and set the stage for what is to come (in fact, you could argue it's already definitely here). The show has had some trouble believably stretching out its early exposition, but at the very least it's had monsters and frights to tide viewers over while the plot figured itself out. In "Runaways," though, it double-downed on the monsters, and finally brought them into the light (in a manner of speaking). Hit the jump for why "if you are infected, I will not hesitate to release you."

Any episode that focuses more on Abraham is going to have an obvious amount of badassery, and "Runaways" was not a disappointment. From his duel beheadings to his exceptional one-liners, Abraham could be a prototype for what Eph could become once he fully invests himself in the war.

In addition to this good exposition and some actual forward motion of the plot,The Strain did not leave behind what it has done consistently well all season: monsters and gore. "Runaways" was full of it, and graphic about it, from Gabe's killing spree to Ansel's death in the shed, to Abraham's memories of his brother, and the hoard Vasiliy finds underground. It's not just about blood and python-esque projectiles (though which are great, because they are largely old-school and visceral), but about the anticipation: June sniffing her children and Neeva trying to hurry them out of the house, the "cleaner" Gabe regards for awhile before attacking, the sleepy scene at Nora's mother's care home that suddenly turned murderous. The Strain both teases and reveals.

In a similar vein, there was finally some consequence to Eph performing an unauthorized autopsy on Doyle in the last episode. In addition to seeing the tape, didn't the staff also find the body? How did they not come to that same conclusion? How could Everett look at that video for even one second, and not call the President? These are the kinds of things that hold The Strain back, because the show is holding itself back to save plot and create tension in areas that don't really need to be addressed (at least, not in ways that are going to stretch normal believability -- we're already onboard with a vampiric worm creature with a projectile tongue, let's at least make everything else feel normal).

Elisabeth attends the dance lesson for the wedding night, sharing good chemistry with Franz. The scene is beautifully choreographed and is one of the highlights of the episode. The two definitely seem to have fallen for each other after a rather indifferent start. Esterhazy catches the two making out in the middle of the session and orders them to get back. Leontine surreptitiously meets his commoner friend in the gardens. She asks for better shows and reports her observations about the royal way. The two actually plan to kill the royal family.

Etude in Black marked the first episode (pilots excluded) with the longer 90+minute running time, which would have been 2 hours on network TV including ads. Season 1 episodes ran for about 75 minutes each (90 mins with ads) and were almost all perfectly paced. But Columbo was such a hit, the network, NBC, insisted on some longer episodes to maximise advertising revenue.

The episode ends with both preparing for the ceremony. Elisabeth is wearing a beautiful white wedding dress with the veil drawn. Franz is in his full regalia. Before she takes off, he runs up to her, putting his hand on the window to reassure her. As she rides in her private carriage, the music plays, and her future people cheer her name, banging on the glass, demanding her attention.

This episode of Jazz Profiles, the first in a series of four, traces Ellington's rise to prominence in the '20s through his consummate success in the '30s. It is the story of how a bright yet unremarkable teenage boy became a musical genius, an accomplished composer and the leader of the most popular big band in America for half of the 20th century.

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March is upon us, and that means Netflix is adding some new titles to its catalog! Some of your favorite TV shows are getting new seasons, like You, Love Is Blind and Sex/Life, while some classic movies are making a comeback, including The Hangover, Sleepless in Seattle and Magic Mike XXL. New movies are also expected to make a splash, like the sequel to Murder Mystery starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. 041b061a72


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