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How to Use Necro Virus Maker to Make Your Own Viruses and Trojans

during the time of the great schism, the necromorphs were a common species found on the numberless planets across the cosmos, nearly every planet having been visited by the covenant. however, they are absent after the great schism, which marks the beginning of the covenant conflict and the subsequent appearance of the stasis interval.

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the necromorphs have the ability to utilize and create "spheres" which are contained energies that are capable of storing and manipulating negative energy. the necromorphs' spheres are used as weapons and generally destroyed by the hunters, who use them to inflict damage upon necromorphs. a sphere will continue to be in use until a necromorph infects it, at which point it will be recharged and continue to work.

the necromorphs are covered in a tough, resilient carapace that is impervious to the marker's energy. the exterior carapace is made up of a collagen-based material and is much thicker and tougher than a human's skin. the necromorph's carapace can also act as a conduit for the marker signal and broadcast orders to the smaller necromorph forms.

the necromorphs are also capable of utilizing organic material to create "brains" for themselves. the necromorphs' organic brains are referred to as "convulsors" and are used to direct necromorphs into combat. the convulsors have the ability to store a massive amount of information to be referred to as a "gigabyte", which can be used to communicate with the necromorphs, manipulate other necromorphs, or even create necromorphs. however, each convulsor has a set amount of storage space that can be used and is not reusable.


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