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The History and Evolution of Chicken Invaders Games

Chicken Invaders: A Fun and Wacky Space Shooter Game

If you are looking for a game that combines humor, action, and nostalgia, then you might want to check out Chicken Invaders, a series of shoot 'em up games that parody the classic Space Invaders. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Chicken Invaders, from its history and features to its gameplay and reviews. We will also show you some alternatives and where you can download the game for free.

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What is Chicken Invaders?

Chicken Invaders is a series of video games created by Greek indie developer Konstantinos Prouskas. The games are inspired by the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders, but with a twist: instead of fighting against alien invaders, you have to defend the Earth from waves of intergalactic chickens who want revenge for our oppression of their earthly brethren. The games are known for their humorous and absurd premise, as well as their colorful graphics and catchy soundtrack.

How did Chicken Invaders start?

The first game in the series, Chicken Invaders, was released in 1999 for Windows. It was a remake of an earlier, unfinished DOS version made in 1997. The game was a success and spawned several sequels, each with new features and improvements. The latest game in the series, Chicken Invaders Universe, was released in 2018 as an early access title. It is a massively multiplayer online game that allows players to explore over 1,000 star systems and fly over 20,000 missions.

What are the main features of Chicken Invaders?

Some of the main features of Chicken Invaders are:

  • Finger-blistering shooting action with over 200 chickens on-screen simultaneously

  • Gigantic boss fights with unique mechanics and challenges

  • Discover 15 awesome weapons, each upgradeable to 11 levels (plus a secret 12th!)

  • Collect 30 unique bonuses and 40 medals on your way to glory

  • Breathtaking graphics and original orchestral soundtrack

  • Fly missions together with your friends (up to 99 players)


How to play Chicken Invaders?

The gameplay of Chicken Invaders is simple and intuitive. You control a spaceship that can move left and right at the bottom of the screen. You have to shoot at the incoming chickens and avoid their eggs and other projectiles. You can also collect power-ups that drop from the chickens or appear randomly on the screen. These power-ups can boost your firepower, shield, speed, or score. Some power-ups can also trigger special effects, such as slowing down time or turning chickens into harmless burgers.

What are the different types of missions and enemies?

The missions in Chicken Invaders vary depending on the game mode and the difficulty level. Some of the common mission types are:

  • Wave: A standard mission where you have to clear a certain number of waves of chickens.

  • Boss: A mission where you have to face a giant chicken or a group of elite chickens with special abilities.

  • Meteor Storm: A mission where you have to dodge or destroy incoming meteors.

  • Asteroid Belt: A A mission where you have to navigate through a dense field of asteroids.

  • Supply Droid: A mission where you have to chase and destroy a droid that carries valuable power-ups.

  • Planetary Invasion: A mission where you have to land on a planet and fight chickens on the ground.

The enemies in Chicken Invaders are mostly chickens of different colors, sizes, and behaviors. Some of the common enemy types are:

  • Normal Chicken: A basic chicken that flies in a straight line and drops eggs.

  • Armored Chicken: A chicken that wears a metal helmet and can withstand more damage.

  • Pilot Chicken: A chicken that flies a small spaceship and shoots lasers.

  • Berserk Chicken: A chicken that flies erratically and drops explosive eggs.

  • Chickenaut: A chicken that wears a full suit of armor and fires plasma balls.

  • Military Chicken: A chicken that wears a camouflage outfit and throws grenades.

What are the power-ups and weapons available?

The power-ups in Chicken Invaders can enhance your spaceship's performance or give you an advantage over the enemies. Some of the common power-ups are:

  • Firepower: Increases the level and damage of your weapon.

  • Missile: Launches a homing missile that can destroy multiple enemies.

  • Atomic Powerup: Causes a huge explosion that wipes out everything on the screen.

  • Gift: Gives you a random weapon or bonus.

  • Coin: Increases your score by 10,000 points.

  • Key: Unlocks a locked bonus or weapon in the shop.

The weapons in Chicken Invaders are diverse and fun to use. You can switch between them by collecting gifts or buying them from the shop. Some of the common weapons are:

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  • Boron Railgun: Fires a powerful beam that pierces through enemies.

  • Neutron Gun: Fires a spray of bullets that spread out as they travel.

  • Laser Cannon: Fires a continuous laser that deals more damage the longer it hits an enemy.

  • Vulcan Chaingun: Fires a rapid stream of bullets that ricochet off the walls.

  • Plasma Rifle: Fires balls of plasma that explode on impact and deal splash damage.

  • Ion Blaster: Fires bolts of ionized energy that bounce off enemies and hit others nearby.

Reviews and Alternatives

What do players and critics say about Chicken Invaders?

Chicken Invaders has received mostly positive reviews from players and critics alike. The game is praised for its humor, gameplay, graphics, and sound. Some of the comments from reviewers are:

"Chicken Invaders is one of the most hilarious and entertaining games I've ever played. The game is full of jokes, references, and Easter eggs that will make you laugh out loud. The gameplay is simple but addictive, and the difficulty is well-balanced. The graphics are colorful and detailed, and the music is catchy and fitting. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes arcade shooters or just wants to have some fun."

"This game is a blast from the past. It reminds me of the old arcade games I used to play as a kid, but with a modern twist. The game is very easy to pick up and play, but also challenging enough to keep you hooked. The game has a lot of variety and replay value, with different modes, weapons, enemies, and levels. The game also has a great sense of humor, with funny dialogue, sound effects, and animations. This game is a must-have for fans of retro gaming."

"Chicken Invaders is a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's what makes it so enjoyable. The game is a parody of the classic Space Invaders, but with chickens instead of aliens. The game is very well-made, with smooth gameplay, crisp graphics, and excellent sound. The game is also very funny, with witty jokes, puns, and references throughout. The game is suitable for all ages, as it is not violent or offensive. The game is a great way to relax and have some fun."

What are some similar games to Chicken Invaders?

If you like Chicken Invaders, you might also like some of these similar games:

  • Asteroids: A classic arcade game where you have to shoot asteroids and avoid colliding with them.

  • Galcon: A fast-paced strategy game where you have to conquer planets and fight against other players.

  • Galaga: A classic arcade game where you have to shoot alien ships and avoid their attacks.

  • Star Defender: A modern arcade game where you have to fight against hordes of alien invaders and bosses.

  • Raptor: Call of the Shadows: A classic scrolling shooter game where you have to fly a fighter jet and destroy enemy bases and aircraft.

Where can you download Chicken Invaders?

You can download Chicken Invaders from


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